Tuesday, October 02, 2007

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Responsible for this blog: Andrew Wilmot is a non-medical professional who, after university studies in civil engineering and ‘A’ levels in maths, physics and biology, has qualified as a professional civil engineer and project manager. With a keen interest in human health and well-being, he started work for a nutritional research and manufacturing company in 2005 and has been working as a health and well-being club leader and nutritional health writer since 2006.

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Neither spam nor questions about certain diseases or therapies nor counselling in cases of health problems will be answered or supported on this site. If you have a problem, see your doctor.

Purpose of this blog
The information provided by this blog ‘Andrew’s Nutritional Health Resources’ is intended for any readers interested in the latest research on nutritional health as published by the company who the author works for. The company researches from sources of high scientific reputation as well as through their relationship with the Linus Pauling Institute. It is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician/nutritionist. If recommendations or advice on nutrition, exercise or any other scope of healthy behaviour or about any method or therapy are made, their source (original publication or the author's personal opinion) is clearly stated. Every post is linked to its source of information.

This website does not collect any personal information about its visitors and readers. It does not apply cookies. The use of this site is logged. This enables me to know, for example, the country of origin of a user, and which external site has referred someone to my site. This information is kept permanently for use in site administration and research. It is kept secure and confidential and is only used by the author.

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Please also note that your posts in this website are visible to everyone and you are not able to modify or erase your posts, however moderation is carried out by the administrator to maintain the high standard of the website. Any such comments and links shall make reference to a credible source of health/medical information. Comments from personal experience must be limited to something the person has undergone himself/herself.

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This is a private website receiving no funds from a third party. Free hosting is provided by the Blogger platform of Google.

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This blog does not take part in any advertising. The blog site may at some stage be modified to generate a possible income from advertising such as Google Adsense. The author endorses the products of the nutritional research and manufacturing company he works for and that is clearly referred to.

“Clean” policy
As an independent associate for the nutritional research and manufacturing company, the author complies with the company’s policies and procedures and makes specific reference to ‘marketing’ and ‘product claims’ below. As an added assurance to the company, the author has undertaken to maintain this blog as a “clean” source of information i.e. with no mention of the company’s name. Therefore, the author replaces the company’s name with the term “the company”. However, should you wish to know more about the company’s credentials, you may access the author’s corporate web site by following the link in his profile.

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The author undertakes to avoid all discourteous, deceptive, misleading, illegal, unethical, or immoral conduct or practices in the marketing and promotion of the company, their business opportunity and their products. The author is permitted to use only materials produced or currently approved by the company which, in this case, refers to their e-mail messages, conferences and information on their corporate internet website.

Product claims
The author undertakes not to make claims that the company’s products have therapeutic or curative properties except those contained in official company literature. In particular, the author may not make any claim that the company’s products are useful in the cure, treatment, diagnosis, mitigation, or prevention of any diseases. Such statements can be perceived as medical or drug claims. Not only are such claims violative of my Agreement, but they also violate the laws and regulations of the United States, Canada, and other jurisdictions.

Commitment to the company’s research and development
… and, to conclude, here is a statement from the founder and chairman of the company …

“I want you to be aware of the very serious commitment we have to research and development.

I believe that we have tremendously qualified scientists and researchers working for ‘the company’.

Research and Development is divided into product support, quality control, microbiology, analytical chemistry, laboratory services, regulatory compliance, technical services, and product development."

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