Thursday, June 01, 2006

Media Bias, Conflicts of Interest Distort Study Findings on Supplements

News media spinning out of control

Recent reporting of scientific studies completely misses the mark, says Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements author Lyle MacWilliam. Not only are journalists misunderstanding the results of many new studies, he says, but they are being pointed in the wrong direction by pharmaceutical giants with patented products that are threatened by natural health alternatives to the drugs they peddle.

The issue is much deeper than a simple misunderstanding of scientific processes. Studies are being completely misrepresented, deluding the public into believing that the herbal and micronutrient treatments they believe will help them are actually harming them, or even just a waste of their time. But is that true?

Probably not. The vast majority of news reports about the dangers and inefficacy of supplements are based on misunderstandings of the results or even complete denial of the results.

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by Lyle MacWilliam, MSc, FP