Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Boxer Jose Rivera wins welterweight title again

Professional Boxer and USANA Associate Jose Antonio Rivera fought for a second super welterweight title on Saturday, May 6. Jose did not disappoint. He impressed fans and fellow Associates alike by winning again! 33-year-old Jose wowed the fans with his incredible physical strength and skill as he pummeled his 22-year-old opponent, Alejandro Garcia.
Rivera has been through vigorous training and nutritional changes to prepare him for this fight. Part of his nutritional changes included implementing USANA supplements into his regimen.
Reporter Bud Barth explains, "........Rivera made other changes too…. He replaced longtime trainer Luis “Chico” Lopez with former Hartford cruiserweight John Scully, added a new personal trainer (Radovan Serbula of Boston), and expanded his nutrition program to include USANA, which Rivera credits with bolstering his energy, recovery time, and overall health."*
Congratulations Jose! Jose is actively building his USANA business and we are proud to support him as one of our professional athletes!
*Taken from the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.