Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Did anyone see Horizon's "Prof Regan's Beauty Parlour"?

... on Tuesday 27 March 2007, 9pm, BBC Two???

Summary and podcast here ...

Professor Regan is one of the UK's most well-respected (and glamorous) medical experts. She turned her scientific eye on the world of cosmetics. She's just turned 50, and was out to create an experimentally proven beauty cabinet.

She wanted to find a collection of scientifically-tested and proven beauty products such as face creams/moisturisers and hair products which met her high standards.

She didn't find many and those she did weren't the expensive brand names ... for the face products she tested six leading brands of which one was a control - a simple moisturiser E45 which fell at the first hurdle.

What worked for her was a product with at least SPF15 and with high amounts of antioxidants C and E.

I wonder what she would have made of my recommended products with patent-pending self-preserving formulas, SPF15, high amounts of grape seed extract and a stable form of vitamin C which does not so readily oxidize in contact with air - and with clinical test results through independent third party laboratories.

Her concluding advice was:

  • prefer PL products - a licenced medicine with a product licence - many cosmeceuticals do not go this down this route as it would take years of testing;

  • read the small print - several banned adverts from leading brands were given for illustration; and

  • have there been scientific tests? If not then test yourself - one side of your face or hair with product A and the other side with Product B for example ... and then get 100 friends to do the same.

  • So my offer to you is to try a sample of my recommended products from a science-based research company in the form of a handy travel pack at a 50% discount of wholesale cost i.e. say £7.

    Any takers?

    Best wishes,