Sunday, August 03, 2008

What Causes Inflammation of Our Arteries?‏

The first question people should ask themselves is "What actually causes inflammation of my arteries?" If heart disease and aging of my arteries are results of low-grade inflammation over a prolonged period of time, then it would make logical sense to try to avoid those things that cause that inflammation.

Dr. Ross listed several different causes of inflammation of our arteries in his review article found in the New England Journal of Medicine:

· "Oxidized" or "Modified" LDL cholesterol-NOT native LDL cholesterol
· Excessive free radicals created by high blood pressure, diabetes, central obesity, elevated or rapidly rising blood sugars, and from a fatty meal.
· Elevated homocysteine levels (this is a byproduct of protein metabolism that is primarily the result of vitamin B deficiency).
· Elevated levels of insulin due to insulin resistance.

When I treat a patient who has suffered a heart attack or has had coronary by-pass surgery, my goal is to eliminate all the causes of inflammation.

The next several "Health Nuggets" will discuss this health concept.

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