Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Inflammation can be harmful to the body‏

Inflammation of your arteries appears to be the key in both the development of heart disease and diabetes. Researchers at the Women’s Hospital in Boston evaluated the blood samples of over 32,000 nurses for inflammatory products. They found that those nurses that had the greatest amount of inflammation in their bodies had a 5 times greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus. It was felt that inflammation of the blood vessels causes constriction and thickening of the artery wall. This makes it more difficult for insulin to pass through the vessel wall and get to the cell where it is needed to transport glucose into the cell. This leads to insulin resistance and the Metabolic Syndrome. Inflammation is also known to increase the risk of heart disease. This may help explain why 80% of our diabetics die from a cardiovascular disease.

This is just another study that shows the danger of too much inflammation in our body. Inflammation is at the root of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and host of other degenerative diseases. What most physicians and researchers do not appreciate is the fact that oxidative stress is what causes the inflammation in the first place. In my book, What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know about Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You, I detail how these excessive free radicals can cause this inflammation and lead to all of these chronic degenerative diseases. The use of healthy lifestyles that includes a healthy diet, modest exercise, and cellular nutrition can eliminate or significantly decrease all the causes of the harmful inflammation within the body.