Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A simple and safe way to beat swine flu

With H1N1 (swine flu) infections on the rise along with growing concerns about the safety of the new vaccine, scientists have discovered a simple and safe way we can protect ourselves from the worst effects of the virus.

A diet that’s rich in antioxidants – vitamins A, C and E – can ward off the most damaging symptoms of swine flu, and of any flu, researchers have discovered this week. The antioxidants protect the lungs from the M2 protein that’s found in every flu virus. The protein stops the lungs from clearing out liquid, and it paves the way for pneumonia and other lung problems.

In laboratory tests, researchers from Alabama have found that antioxidants counteract the M2 protein.

You can increase your levels of antioxidants either by taking supplements, or by eating more green leafy vegetables, broccoli, carrots, oranges, sweet potatoes, and nuts and seeds. Even red wine contains antioxidants.

Source: FASEB Journal, 2009; 23: 3829-42

Source: WDDTY