Thursday, July 24, 2008

Health Nugget - Multiple Sclerosis - an Amazing Story‏

During the first year I began studying nutritional medicine, I met a wonderful young woman who had been suffering from multiple sclerosis for nearly 5 years. Evelyn received appropriate medical treatment for her MS; however, her disease quickly progressed, and she could only get around with the help of a walker. Within 6 months after taking the nutritional supplementation I now recommend to my patients, she was able to walk again by herself. The feeling came back into her legs and feet. Of course, she still had her MS, but I had never seen such a dramatic improvement before in any of my MS patients.

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that destroys the myelin sheath of your nerves. The medical literature shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the root or underlying cause of this disease is oxidative stress. By building up my MS patients' natural defenses, I have witnessed some amazing improvements. Not everyone responds to the aggressive nutritional supplement program I recommend; however, I have seen at least a dozen MS patients go from wheelchair-bound to walking again. There were also cases like Scott who was unable to feel anything below his waist because of his MS and within just a few months was able to regain his feeling again. Being involved with these patients has certainly shown me the healing potential of providing the body with optimal levels of nutrients.

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