Sunday, September 07, 2008

Hyperinsulinemia is an independent risk factor for heart disease‏

Several clinical studies show, and all researchers agree, that elevated insulin levels (Hyperinsulinemia) present independent risk factors for heart disease. When you consider all of the abnormal health risks that are the direct result of increasing levels of insulin in your body, it is easy to realize why this is true. As insulin resistance increases, the body compensates for this situation by simply making more and more insulin. These elevated insulin levels cause our arteries to age much faster than they should. One of the main reasons is that high insulin levels within our blood stream can actually cause inflammation. When you consider the constellation of problems related to the metabolic syndrome, you can see why high insulin levels are not desirable.

Because of our poor eating habits and lack of exercise in the US, Canada, and throughout the world, more people are developing insulin resistance. Clinical studies now show that nearly 25% of the adult population in the US and Canada now has metabolic syndrome. Another 25% of the population is on the way to developing the metabolic syndrome. My book Healthy for Life [Real Life Press 2006] details this problem and presents the solution to people who would like to avoid this problem or possibly reverse it if they already have it.

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