Sunday, November 02, 2008

Heart disease remains our #1 killer‏

In 1980, heart attacks were the number one cause of death in the US and Canada. In spite of an unprecedented campaign to lower cholesterol via statin drugs over the past generation, heart attacks are still the #1 cause of death in the US, Canada, and now the industrialized world. In fact heart attacks are responsible for over 750,000 deaths in the US alone each and every year. You would think that researchers would read their own press releases and realize that heart disease is NOT the result of too much cholesterol floating around your blood stream. Instead they have come to the conclusion that we just have not lowered LDL cholesterol levels enough.

A panel of 12 cardiologists met over 2 years ago and concluded that we need to lower LDL cholesterol below 100 and some believed that it would be better if LDL cholesterol was less than 70. It should interest you that 11 of the 12 cardiologist involved in this panel according to USA Today were on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry. How convenient. In my experience, 98% of my patients would now need to take statin drugs. The New York Times stated that we should consider putting statin drugs into our drinking water.

Source: Dr. Strand Health Nuggets (