Thursday, October 09, 2008

Clinical trials prove Healthy for Life Program is effective‏

I have just completed a clinical trial using my 12-Week Healthy for Life Program at the University of Colorado Medical School. This clinical trial was done by Holly Wyatt, an endocrinologist, and it was done under the guidelines and direction of the FDA (IRB). 53 participants with insulin resistance completed the study. They enrolled in the 12-Week Online Healthy for Life Program, received high-quality nutritional supplements, began a modest exercise program, and learned to eat a healthy diet. Meal and snack replacements were also used as a behavioral modification tool and they did not spike their blood sugars and contained those good fats. Here are the results:
  • They had an average weight loss of 13 pounds and their BMI or Body Mass Index decreased over 2 points and their waist size went down an average of 2 ½ inches.
  • Both their systolic and diastolic blood pressure dropped 10 points.
  • Total cholesterol dropped 7% (previous study they dropped 17%) and LDL and triglyceride levels also dropped between 10 and 27%.
  • Insulin sensitivity improved over 15%
  • Blood insulin levels dropped an amazing 47% over the 12 weeks of the study.
All the participants who completed the 12-Week Healthy for Life Program were able to “tip back” into a normal metabolic state and reverse the health consequences of insulin resistance.

Source: Dr. Strand Health Nuggets (