Sunday, October 12, 2008

Diabetes is a choice‏

I personally believe that over 90% of the cases of type 2 diabetes mellitus can and should be prevented. Even if you have a strong family history of diabetes, it still can be avoided. There is no doubt that many people are more susceptible to developing diabetes. However, it is not inevitable that you will develop diabetes if you have a strong family history, are Black or Hispanic, or even have early signs or prediabetes. You have a choice. The choice is yours. Does it take motivation? Certainly it does; however, you are still in control.

The clinical trials we have just completed have taken patients who had prediabetes and allowed them to "tip back" into a normal metabolic state. If these individuals continue to incorporate these new, healthier lifestyles, they will continue to do well and significantly decrease their risk of becoming diabetic. It is truly a choice.

Source: Dr. Strand Health Nuggets (