Thursday, October 02, 2008

Early signs of insulin resistance‏

When I began to appreciate the serious consequences of insulin resistance, I had a tremendous advantage over the clinical researchers who were located in the major medical centers of our country. I had been doing annual physicals in the police department, fire department, and sheriff department and all of their employees for over 20 years. When I would see one of these individuals who had develop prediabetes or diabetes, I could look back at years and years of physicals and labwork that I had done. There was a very typical pattern that was evident and I became very familiar with the early signs of insulin resistance. I then began to look for these earlier signs of insulin resistance in all my patients.

* Elevated Blood Pressure—I became concerned when there blood pressure was greater than 130/85.

* Low HDL or good cholesterol—I became concerned when women had an HDL less than 50 or men less than 40.

* High Triglyceride Level—I became concerned when this level began to rise even if it was still in the normal range. I would do a ratio and divide their triglyceride level by their HDL cholesterol, which was an indirect measure of insulin levels. I became concerned when this ratio was greater than 2.

* Expanding Waist Size—I became concerned when women had a waist size greater than 32 to 33 inches and men had a waist size greater than 36 to 37 inches.

Source: Dr. Strand Health Nuggets (