Sunday, October 05, 2008

Treating insulin resistance‏

One develops insulin resistance as the result of their poor lifestyles. When you combine the All-American diet with inactivity, you slowly become less and less sensitive to your own insulin. Over time you develop insulin resistance. Since it is our poor lifestyles that get us into this problem, it makes common sense that firmly establishing healthy lifestyles could get us out of this situation. I spent three years researching the medical literature in regards to insulin resistance. The result of that research was my book Healthy for Life [Real Life Press 2005]. My research showed that there was a triad of healthy lifestyles that all improved insulin sensitivity from a different mechanism. When you firmly establish these healthy lifestyles, you give yourself the absolute best chance of reversing insulin resistance and “tipping back” into a normal metabolic state.

I have established an online 12-Week Healthy for Life Program located at to help my patients and any one who wants to become more proactive in protecting or regaining their health. It is really a behavioral modification program designed to take my patients by the hand and guide them into these new, healthier lifestyles that improve insulin sensitivity. My patients are excited when they learn that they never have to go hungry, they feel great, have more energy, their health parameters improve, and they begin losing weight and are not even trying. Even if you have a strong family history of diabetes, I personally feel that you can prevent becoming diabetic over 90% of the time by just living a healthy life.

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