Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dr. Wentz's tribute to Linus Pauling

At Convention, Dr Wentz spoke about the following (briefly noted):

USANA's success is due to focus on the balance between micro and macro nutrition.

Introduced Linus Pauling who had wide interests with his wife Ava Helen - two Nobel prizes in 1954 for biochemistry and in '62 for peace. More here.

Read more of his work here ... in a nutshell, he became interested in orthomolecular medicine (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) in the 1960's.

Oxidative stress/cell degeneration is the major cause of all disease - causes us to rust from the inside out. Free radical theory of aging -> chronic degenerative disease.

AO's understood then to be vits A C E and zinc ... now many - see Essentials list. Different AO's act against different free radicals. AO's act as teams. Men need more AO's than women. When you reach 50, you need more AO's.

Current free radical research

Trial: high level AO's successfully treats Alzheimers.

Wide range of AOs plays important part in body health - eyes, prostate, cancer.

Polyphenol (olive oil) reduces HDL cholesterol.

Vit E protects against pesticides.

Oxidative stress = 80/90% of all chronic degenerative disease.

Pharmaceutical-induced disease (statins) causes deficiency of CoQ10 and also cholesterol which is a precursor to healthy hormones necessary for the building blocks Vit D and bile (for digestion). The low cholesterol level leads to stroke, respiratory disease, depression and in some cases suicide.


"Greatest contribution to public health is intake of AO's at optimum level" ref. Dr. Pauling.

"Nutritional medicine will be taking a prominent place in 21st century healthcare" ref. Dr Wentz.

"I think it is a good idea to regard the 21st century as a century for life when attention is paid to human beings and their happiness and health" ref. Dr. Pauling.

"That's why USANA is focussed on researching the best nutritional supplements in the world. Supplementation is key to preventing disease." ref Dr. Wentz.

"Our goal should be a world that every person born into it has the possibility of leading a good life." ref Dr. Pauling.

Linus Pauling Institute and USANA history

1974 Gull Labs (Dr Wentz's previous company) was formed and Linus Pauling Institute was partly-supported by Gull
1994 Linus Pauling died - troubled times -> Oregon State Uni
2006 USANA celebrates Linus Pauling's legacy being continued by Steven Lawson

Steven Lawson talks about LPI and the healthcare economy.