Tuesday, September 19, 2006


At Convention, Dr Monica Lewis of the Medical Advisory Board spoke about the following (briefly noted):

Magnesium in Active Calcium and the chewable version for kids contain magnesium to help absorption of calcium into the bone.

Osteoporosis -> bone pain, collapsed vertebrae, fractures, starts in teens.

USANA Active Calcium study: 100 no. 12-year olds took 4 tabs a day and 4 placebos over one year ... showed increased bone density and bone tissue.

Magnesium is the forgotten mineral which we universally require.

Mg and Ca work together for bone, muscle and nerve transmission.

We all need extra Mg.

When muscles/nerves relax - Ca out, Mg in.

Shortage? Ca is not a problem as it is stored in the body but Mg is not.

Mg shortage - nerves on edge. Muscles all over body can be affected - raised blood pressure, muscle tightening (asthma, cramp, migraines), nerve twitching - anxious, on edge, depression, grumpy teenagers, poor sleep, inability to relax, heart palpitations.

You're short of Mg when you crave chocolate!

Conclusion: treasure these products - Active Calcium and Chewable Calcium.