Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The USANA difference for kids

At Convention, Dr Christine Wood of the Medical Advisory Board spoke about the following (briefly noted):

A. Why do kids need supplements?
B. USANA difference?
C. Why take the opportunity to educate?

A. Why do kids need supplements?

Advergaming - advertising of food and drinks on-line
Are kids too wired for their own good?
TVs in bedrooms - 3 hrs/day, 8 hrs media multi-tasking
Changing food - depletion of nutrients
Microwave nutrient deficiency - 97% lost compared with 11% steamed
Kids junk food

B. USANA difference?

Spinabifida from folate deficiency

Tablet disintegration study - 3 out of 9 vits aren't released

Consumerlabs.com reviews

Use betacarotene - precursor to Vit A - no toxicity

No iron - no toxicity build up

Comparative Guide 5* listing

Xylitol inc. in Usanimals - natural sweetner decreases dental caries and ear infections

Omega 3: 6 ratio (brain development, behaviour ADD/ADHD)

Recommendations: Usanimals, OptOmega in shakes, Calcium, bioflavinoids (Proflavanol), macro optimisers (Paediactrics March 2003)

C. Why take the opportunity to educate?

Doh! because of cradle-to-grave marketing affecting us and our kids. Take social responsibility to educate.