Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Glycemic control

Just come back from Convention - excuse the plug, but simply awesome.

Dr. Ray Strand of the medical advisory board spoke on the captioned topic.

Hypo-caloric diets are doomed to fail:

  • low or v.low caloric intake (400 to 1,000 cals)

  • tremendous reliance on will power

  • many are high carb/low fat programs (isogenics, Jenny Craig, weight watchers)

Metabolic syndrome X - an underlying disease process

  • central obesity - muscle becomes insulin resistant first

  • high blood pressure

  • low LDL

which happens because of oxidative stress which creates insulin resistance and therefore increases insulin levels => glycemic stress.

In 5 years diabetes +500%.

Triglycerides/HDL >2 => insulin resistance.

25% adults have metabolic syndrome (Ford, JAMA).

1/3 of children today will become diabetic (CDC).

45% of diabetes in children today is Type 2.

Children given high GI meals ate 80% more calories in a day.

Then there's a techincal looking curve which shows a graph over 20 years where as insulin resistance increases then so does fasting plasma glucose with a corresponding reduction in insulin production leading to Type 2 diabetes.

The Health for Life Program

1. Healthy diet - low GI carbs, good fats and proteins

2. Modest exercise

3. Cellular nutrition - USANA's Essentials or HealthPak 100

Transition with products:

a) Start with RESET (5-day high fibre cleanse);

b) followed by Phase 1 maintenance with two meal replacments and one low GI meal and snack; and

c) followed by Phase 2 maintenance with with one meal replacment and two low GI meals and snacks.

and Certified Team Leader program - education, awareness and behaviour modification program which I am registered on to teach.

Western Internation Review Board (with Drs Tim Wood and Ray Strand)

Study protocol - 25 participants, 12-week clinical trial

Average 13 lbs weight loss, 2" waist loss

Cholesterol 206 -> 176

Triglycerides 141 -> 106

Systolic bp 131 -> 121

Diastolic bp 86 ->80

Insulin sensitivity index 111 -> 127 (+12%)

Blood insulin (120 min) 34-> 19