Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Holistic prevention to cancer prevention

Just come back from Convention - excuse the plug, but it was a wonderful experience.

Dr. Monica Lewis of the medical advisory board spoke on the captioned topic.

There are no drugs which can prevent cancer but nutrition can (quoted various studies).

Breast cancer

Risk factors: night work, HRT pills, excess alcohol, red meat and high fat intake.

+ve studies for vitamins E, B6, K and folate - and the mineral selenium.

Aboriginal women have no breast cancer!

Breast fat stores toxins and chemicals from household cleaners and parabens.

So have massages and if poss lymphatic massages from time to time and wear a loose bra or camisole!

Bras - increased odds of getting breast cancer
24 hrs/day - 3 out of 4
12 hrs/day - 1 out of 7

Prostate cancer

Studies show decreased risk with selenium, omega 3 and lycopene.


Two areas for action: attack cancer cells and strengthen immune system.

Cancer cells grow fast and outgrow oxygen supplies.

Treatment 1 - make life hard for cancer cells by:
a) low sugar/ low GI diet as cancer cells need sugar;
N.B. 40% of cancer deaths are caused by malnutrition
b) exercise as cancer cells do not like oxygen; and
c) alkalise.

Treatment 2 - conventional therapy

Treatment 3 - protective and beneficial lifestyle, diet and exercise by:
a) eating organic, in technicolour and dont overcook cruciferous foods;
b) massage and detox;

Treatment 4 - nutritional supplements - see Linus Pauling Institute

Treatment 5 - mental attitude
a) if a patient is confident about a treatment, don't knock it;
b) meditation and imagery; and
c) spiritual awareness and growth.