Friday, September 22, 2006

"The Power of Two" theme song

Listen to the theme song from the International Convention 2006.

The Power of Two by Collin Raye

I used to think that winning
Was to break the tape alone
And to climb the highest mountain
Reach the top on my own
But the climb is so much lighter
When there’s someone helping you
And there is no greater glory
Than to share the summits view.

The pastime of the lonely
Is the game of solitaire
But for life to be worth living
It always takes a pair
If you’re staring in the mirror
And all you see is you
It’s time to look beyond yourself
And see the power of two


Can you feel the power of a million voices
Who have all made choices to share a higher view
Can you feel the power when we join together
To make the future better
For me and you
Can the feel the power
Can you feel The power of two

Once in every lifetime
There’s a song you want to share
A song of health and freedom
With people everywhere
There’s a vision of tomorrow rising up inside of you
But you’ve got to pass it forward
To get the power of two


Feel the power, we’ve only just begun
To feel the power, of just one plus one